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Apr. 2010, to the implementation of information technology education development plan, and further speed up Education Information Pace of construction and modernization, Jilin provincial government once again to increase the overall investment in education sector and to vigorously pursue the form of an open competitive bidding demonstration for teaching Projector And other teaching equipment procurement, the tender attracted Sony, Hitachi, Canon, NEC, Sharp and other international exhibitors tier companies bid, after a number of competing for ratings, Canon LV-7370 the highest score by an overwhelming Successful Eventually reach 280 of the supply agreement, once again demonstrates the excellent quality of the Canon projector.

The bidding session, a high degree of concern by many vendors, one after another bid to bring its merchandise, the hope of a breakthrough, fast to open the Northeast regional market. Canon projector as the total Proxy Business?? Sunpoo Group senior leadership of this tender is also given high priority, according to the actual situation in Jilin province after several of Education, decided to bring more suitable for use in the education industry environment Canon LV-7370 strike out. The floor in the bidding, with Canon LV-7370 projector from the major manufacturers of many products actually beat the same table, was carried out including the installation of demonstration, animation, color and many other contents of the appraisal, with a leading Technology And superior performance, a passing facial killing six, was the presence of the judges and the audience highly praised and unanimously approved, eventually come to the fore ahead of the highest overall score, and took first place, based tender will painted a strong document.

Well as a cost-effective projector, Canon LV-7370 will be beautiful and practical with a perfect combination, flying saucer-shaped form with white and gray colors, look more different, both portable or ceiling is very easy to install, interior design Shot With dust cover, to double the effective protection from harm, while the choice of materials is also of high standard and low carbon energy Environmental protection Requirements. In order to adapt to different environments, Canon LV-7370 with the design of humanity, with a fast startup and shutdown, open the projector only need 8 seconds later, you can projection screen; and allow the press off in the projection process key after the (cooling fan is still running) direct pull Power supply , Greatly reducing the waiting time and improve efficiency. Canon LV-7370 has 3000 lumens of brightness, and supports 4:3 aspect ratio screen, projection screen is more clear and vivid, the lamp life can be achieved in normal mode, 3500 hours, while the silent mode, you can reach 5,000 hours effective use of lower cost, there is a special organ to China's reality-type dust filter system, and rich interfaces and more compatibility to meet the needs of users more.

Investment as the country continued to increase teaching, multimedia projector products as essential teaching of hardware, by means of the government advocated the advantages of multimedia education, educational products, reliance on market projections and demand will gradually increase. Canon projector "in a professional to create trust to lead the trend of quality" for the purpose, with high-quality color management and human design the perfect combination of product advantages, bringing more efficient, safe, efficient use of experience, coupled with sunpoo Group has always been all-round support and perfect after-sales service, the future of education in Jilin Province will continue to develop building blocks of information, contribute to a.
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Canon Lv-7370 Power Of Jilin Province Education Awarded 280 - Projector - Education Industry

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This article was published on 2010/12/16